Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inside My Refrigerator

When we get together with our friends Natalie and Levent for dinner, we often play word games at Natalie's urging. She is from Russia, and she says the games really help her with her English.  Asaf and I love all kinds of games, so we eagerly participate.  Recently we played "In my grandmother's refrigerator...," that popular road trip game where you take turns naming things you would find in a refrigerator (and some you would not), in alphabetical order.  Each player in turn must recite all the prior items, in order, and then add another to the list using the next available letter.

Inspired by the game, I thought it might be interesting to see how many letters I could find in my own refrigerator.  I think I came pretty darn close to naming all of them!

In my refrigerator there is ... asparagus, beets, cherries, dill pickles, edamame, flaxseed oil, Greek olives, hummus, Italian dressing, jam, kimchi, lettuce, miso, nuts, onions, peanut butter, quince spread, radishes, sour kraut, tomato juice, vegetable broth, wine, and yogurt.  So that's 23 out of 26 letters -- not bad!  I guess this weekend I'll be heading to the market in search of umeboshi, XS energy drinks, and zucchini.

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