Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quick and Yummy VB6 Breakfast Favorites

Though never really a fan of bacon and eggs or sausage and pancakes, I nevertheless tended to favor a very non-vegan selection of food for breakfast.  My go-to breakfast foods for most of my life have been bread and cheese, yogurt and fruit, and protein smoothies.  So I was initially afraid that I would have a hard time switching to an all-vegan breakfast.

As it turns out, vegan breakfasts are fabulous and right up my alley.  On Saturdays I often go to the farmer's market bright and early, and there I like to hit up the vegan tamale guy.  His vegan tamales are filled with corn, peas, artichoke hearts, and tomato and they are delicious.

During the week I choose simple and portable breakfasts that I can take with me to work.  One of my favorites is sprouted organic bread, toasted and smeared with fresh ground peanut butter or almond butter (the kind you grind yourself at the market), and topped with a bit of all-natural fruit spread.  I love St. Dalfour "old French recipe" Black Raspberry, which contains nothing but fruit (no added cane sugar or artificial sweetener).  The natural sweetness of the fruit is the perfect counterpoint to the salty peanut butter or almond butter.

Another vegan breakfast favorite of mine is 7 Grain Hot Cereal.  I buy the Bob's Red Mill brand and make a batch over the weekend, following the package directions (1 cup of uncooked cereal makes about 4-5 servings of cooked cereal.)  I store the cooked cereal in the refrigerator and take single servings to work with some almond milk and various toppings -- such as any combination of nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and cinnamon.  I heat the cereal and milk, add my toppings, and top with a tiny drizzle of maple syrup.  (Did you know that maple syrup is vegan whereas honey is not?).  Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried plums, and fresh cut up yellow peaches among my favorite toppings!

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